6 colour flexo printing machine

  1. Printing Plates: Flexo printing plates are made of a flexible material, usually rubber or photopolymer, which can be easily mounted onto the plate cylinder.
  2. Anilox Rollers: Anilox rollers are responsible for metering and transferring a precise amount of ink from the ink fountain to the printing plate. 
  3. Ink Fountain: The ink fountain holds the ink for each color and supplies it to the anilox roller.
  4. Impression Cylinder: The impression cylinder applies pressure to the substrate, allowing it to come into contact with the printing plate and receive the inked image.
  5. Drying System: After the ink is applied to the substrate, it needs to be dried quickly to prevent smudging or smearing.
  6. Pneumatic control involves the use of compressed air to control and automate various mechanical processes.


A six-color flexo printing machine is a type of printing press commonly used in the packaging and label industry. It utilizes a flexographic printing process, which involves flexible printing plates and fast-drying inks to transfer images onto various substrates, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and film. Each unit consists of a plate cylinder, anilox roller, ink fountain, and impression cylinder. These units work together to apply ink to the printing plate and transfer the image onto the substrate.


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