Barcode Label 2 Colour Die Cutting Machines

          1. Textual Information: Alongside the barcode, these labels often include textual information.
          2. Graphics or Logos: In some cases, barcode labels may also include company logos, graphical elements, or other visual representations to enhance branding or provide additional information.
          3. Color Differentiation: The use of two colors in barcode label printing allows for clear differentiation and improved readability. 
          4. Die Cutting: Die cutting refers to the process of using a sharp tool or die to cut the label material into a specific shape or size. 
          5. Pneumatic control involves the use of compressed air to control and automate various mechanical processes.


Barcode Label 2 Colour Die Cutting Machines are advanced machines used for creating barcode labels with two-color printing and precise die cutting capabilities. These machines are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare, where accurate and high-quality barcode labels are required. The main feature of these labels is the barcode itself. The barcode represents a unique identifier encoded in a specific format such as UPC (Universal Product Code) or QR code. It contains information about the product, such as its serial number, price, or other relevant data.


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